• Love

    Our Wedding Surprise for Lena’s Mom

    My mom has been obsessed with the show Dancing With the Stars since it first aired. She watched it religiously and would make all of us call and vote for her favorite dancer. After she [...]
  • Lifestyle

    How to Add Multiple Links on Instagram

    Instagram has added lots of awesome features over the past few months, but there are a few features that have yet to be added that bloggers have been wanting. One of those is being able [...]
  • Date Ideas

    17 Rainy Day Date Ideas

    Rain is not something we have very much experience with living in Southern California. We can usually plan to have outdoor date activities, like hiking and beach bike rides, all year around. This year, we’ve [...]
  • Fun & Celebrations

    7 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

    Bassam and I are no strangers to procrastination. We find ourselves looking for last minute gift ideas ALL. THE. TIME. Every year we say never again and of course, every year we do it again. [...]
  • Bassam & Lena

    First Year Anniversary Photo Shoot

    When we got married, we decided to do a photo shoot every year for our anniversary. We thought it would be a great way to document what was special to us that year and have [...]

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Fun & Celebrations

31 Days of Summer Adventures

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From frozen drinks to longer days, everything is just better in the summer. We look forward to this season all year long and every year vow that this will be the best summer ever. Unfortunately, […]

Bassam & Lena

Travel Blogger Q&A: Liebster Award

October 7, 2016 12

What are the Liebster Awards? Liebster WHA? We had no idea until we were nominated by the wonderful Laura from Passport Collective. The Liebster Award is an online award for bloggers. It comes from the German word Lieb […]