Apple Farm Inn Review – San Luis Obispo, California

We hate to admit it, but we’ve been slacking on date nights lately. Work and other obligations have gotten the best of us and we needed a bit of “us time”. Enter Apple Farm Inn. The perfect spot for a relaxing and romantic getaway. Being just 3.5 hours away from our home in Los Angeles, it was ideal for a one night trip. We packed our bags and headed on over. Read on for our full review of Apple Farm Inn – San Luis Obispo, California.

apple farm inn

Checking in

check in apple farm inn


We felt relaxed the second we drove into the Apple Farm Inn parking lot. The vibe is just so darn cozy! You get this country rustic feel while still being in the city. We definitely felt we had gone much further than LA! Before even checking in, we were offered a selection of cheese and onion scones, tea, hot apple cider, coffee, and wine. Now that’s a warm welcome! We selected our goodies and continued on with checking in. Right away we noticed how warm, friendly, and helpful the front desk staff was, even though the gentleman helping us was in training. So far, a perfect start to the trip; good service always ups the experience for us. Also, we may have had seconds {or thirds} of the scones and drinks. Don’t judge us, we had a long drive!

Our Room



It took us forever to walk to our room, not because it was far or we were too busy eating {real possibility}, but because we couldn’t stop looking around at all the cute details everywhere. It must have taken the decorator ages to complete Apple Farm Inn because everywhere you look there is something cutely decorated.

room apple farm inn

vanity area

Our room was very spacious with a large bathroom {this is really important to Lena as she has this strange bathroom phobia}, large comfy bed, sitting area, vanity area, and fireplace. We could’ve stayed in that comfy cozy room forever, but with only 24 hours in San Luis Obispo we wanted to get out and explore.

The Grounds

twinkly lights apple farm inn

apple farm inn

There is so much to do at Apple Farm Inn! As we kept discovering things, we wished we had stayed another night to to do everything we wanted to do. Every part of the Inn was just so impeccably done! There was a pathway full of twinkly lights {perfect for a romantic stroll}, an old vintage car {perfect for Instagram shots!}, and an iconic waterwheel. Although the waterwheel looks like it’s just for a photo opp, it actually produces the water power they need to make all of their ice cream! Awesome!

  • Outdoor movies

outdoor movies

Every Saturday night in the summer, Apple Farm Inn holds an outdoor movie viewing. The area in which it’s held looks like it’s in the middle of the woods. So charming! They offer popcorn and blankets to go along with your viewing.

  • Gift shop

    gift shop

This part worried Bassam just a liiiitttlleee bit. The gift shop was full of so many wonderful home decorations, trinkets, food items, and more. Lena was definitely lusting after several of the items, but she limited her purchases to an a sign that said “Dream” in twinkly lights. *Sigh* The gift shop items are just as magical as the Inn, plus there’s a daily special discount!

  • Bakery

We have MAJOR sweet tooths and we definitely indulged while at Apple Farm Inn. Bassam had an eclair and Lena had a lemon bar. Both ooey gooey, delicious, and just the right amount of sweetness. Next time we go, we will definitely try their Apple Dumpling. It’s a whole cored apple, covered in pie dough, baked, then topped with caramel and ice cream. How delicious does that sound? The bakery also offers some games to play {chess and checkers}, while neither is our strong suit, we will never turn down an opportunity to play games!

  • Apple trees

apples at apple farm inn

As the name of the Inn implies, there are apple trees all over the property. Guests are encourage to pick as many as they like! You don’t have to tell us twice…

  • Restaurant


We had breakfast here and feel the dinner might be better. The breakfast is very down-home-country style. Not completely our type of food, but we did very much enjoy the breakfast quesadillas! For dinner, they have wine pairing menu featuring locally sourced ingredients. Many of our foodie friends have raved about it! Next time…!

  • Pool

Small, but attractive, and most importantly, HEATED! We didn’t get a chance to enjoy it, so it’s another feature to add the “next time” list.

In the area

beach girl

The location of Apple Farm Inn is fantastic! You can very easily get to the town and they offer a complimentary shuttle if you don’t feel like driving. In the very limited time we had, we ate dinner in town, went bar hopping {there’s a huge college party scene that we felt a little bit too old for, but it was still lots of fun!}, and went hiking in the beautiful Montana de Oro National Park. Other options include wine tasting {SLO has a fantastic wine country and Apple Farm Inn offers a wine tasting package}, Hearst Castle, water sports like kayaking, a night time farmer’s market on Thursdays, and much more.

So… do we recommend it?

YES! Very much so! Just 24 hours later, we left feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and more in love than ever. Definitely made up for all the date nights we missed! We really cannot stress enough how CHARMING, cozy, and cute Apple Farm Inn is. It’s just so ideal for a romantic getaway from LA or when road tripping along the California coastline. Also, have you ever seen Gilmore Girls? Well, Lena is obsessed with that show and she kept expecting Rory and Lorelai to pop out around every corner. The place is not super girly either, as an inn can often be, Bassam loved the vibe as well! We will most definitely be back!

Happily Ever Adventures would like to thank Apple Farm Inn for inviting us to stay as their guest. All opinions and photos are entirely our own.

What do you think? Would you stay at Apple Farm Inn? Where’s your favorite place to stay in SLO? Let us know in the comments below! 


  1. This inn looks adorable!!! I’m definitely going to plan a trip here! And a bakery inside the inn?! That could be dangerous 😉

  2. My husband and I fell in love with this inn after reading your post! We’re trying to agree on a weekend to visit right now! 🙂

  3. I soooo want to visit now! Those goodies in the beginning got me. Love places that go the extra mile in just a simple gesture as a welcome treat. My favorite attraction was the outdoor movie theatre and wine tastings at the restaurant! This place is on my list now and seems like a great place for a week long holiday with so much to do!

    • Hi Liz, thank you for your comments! We agree, going the extra mile makes a big difference for us! We hope you get to go visit soon and enjoy it as much as we did!

  4. This is a great find. I love the decor and it seems so relaxing. The Saturday night movie sounds fun too. I have also heard great things about that area, still need to go.

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