7 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

Bassam and I are no strangers to procrastination. We find ourselves looking for last minute gift ideas ALL. THE. TIME. Every year we say never again and of course, every year we do it again. Here’s the thing, lack of advance planning is not an excuse for a lame Valentine’s Day. No matter what time constraints you’re under, your gift or plans should still be very thoughtful and romantic. Here are a few ideas for a killer gift or plans for when you have absolutely no time. These should fit almost any deadline, even if you need a SAME DAY idea! You’re welcome in advance 🙂

1. Romantic dinner

Even when we aren’t procrastinating, we still prefer dinner at home instead of going out on Valentine’s Day. Prices are too crazy and places are too crowded for us to like going out that day. The great thing with this idea, is that it takes take a bit of work, but you don’t really need advance planning to put it together. Your sweetie will be so romanced by your gesture that they will never know this was a last minute idea. Here are some cute romantic dinner at home ideas:

  • Valentine’s Day Explosion: go to your local store and buy every single decoration you can get your hands on. Put up the decorations all over your dining room or wherever you’re serving dinner so it looks like Valentine’s Day exploded all over the room. Make your sweetie’s favorite foods. Extra points if they are heart shaped or red!
  • Picnic: pack up a picnic basket with cute little foods like a cheese board, sandwiches shaped into hearts, and strawberries cut into hearts. You can keep your picnic indoors by setting up a blanket on the floor and decorating with tons of flowers and candles, or take it to your favorite outdoor location.
  • Pizza making: Get ready made pizza dough and all your favorite toppings. Play sexy chefs in the kitchen and make pizzas together!
  • Ice cream bar (or any favorite dessert): create a make-your-own ice cream bar {or any favorite dessert like cupcakes, candy, etc}. The key to making this one exciting is to go overboard with every single kind of topping you think they might like. Spread it all out on a table and serve everything in serveware of varying heights and sizes. The contrast is visually appealing. Add some heart balloons and confetti and you’re set!

You don’t need to follow any of these ideas for a lovely dinner at home. Make or order something yummy, play some music, light some candles, pop a bottle of wine, and set the table with nice dishes. That’s all you really need + your Valentine.

2. Day trip

I hate to break it to you, but unless you’re prepared to spend some major dough, it’s probably too late to plan a weekend trip. Flights are super pricy when you’re trying to book last-minute of Valentine’s weekend. Trust me. I’ve been in that situation way too many times. However, it’s not too late for a day trip. Google romantic day trips from your city and head over there! You can also sometimes find great last minute hotel deals using websites like Hotels Tonight or Hotels.com.

If there isn’t anything close enough to drive to, be a tourist in your own hometown and see and do every cheesy thing there is to do.

3. Scavenger hunt

Create a scavenger hunt around your house that leads to a big surprise! {Don’t worry if you don’t have time to shop, the surprise can always just be you!} Try to make the clues sweet and use inside jokes to help them find the next location. If you do have some time to shop, buy small little gifts that you can hide at each location. You can also leave fun and romantic little missions they need to complete at each location before they get the next clue.

No time to create your own scavenger hunt? There are lots of free printable options online. Here’s a fun scavenger hunt I found and as well as a free printable of a sexy game you can leave for the final surprise. You literally just print, cut out, and put the clues where it tells you to. It cannot get easier or more last minute friendly than this.

4. Easy DIY

DIY is my FAVORITE kind of Valentine’s gift! I’ve included a bunch of ideas in this guide. Depending how fast you can work, all of them can be very last minute friendly. I’ve done gifts that I made very detailed and it look me FOREVER, but you can also go a less detailed and get them all done within an hour or two. Here are some of the fastest DIY ideas in case you don’t even have an hour:

  • Coupon book
  • Reasons Why I Love You book
  • Jar of future date ideas

5. Something edible

With Valentine’s Day, it really is the thought that counts. Why not make your Valentine his or her favorite dessert? Package it up in something cute and Valentine’s Day like {think hearts, pink, red, kisses} and you’ve got yourself a sweet {literally} gift! Even if your edible doesn’t come out well, it will be sweet that you tried. Here are some sweet Valentine edible ideas:

  • Strawberries dipped in red, white, or pink chocolate {just use food coloring}
  • Cake pops tied with a bow to look like a bouquet
  • Cupcakes frosted with pink frosting and sprinkled with red sprinkles or heart sprinkles

6. Something new

Why not learn a new skill or try something new? I love Verlocal for this. You can find all kinds of fun classes and events. Plus, the majority of them are available for you to book as last minute as the same day!! AND many of the instructors on there will add additional class dates by request. Perfect for procrastinators like us!

7. A love letter

When all else fails, just write your Valentine a sweet and romantic letter. There’s a reason the art of letter writing has been popular for centuries. It’s so sweet to read how someone feels about you. Add cute quotes, spray it with your perfume or cologne, and put some rose petals in the envelope. Oh you sweetheart you. Who would’ve thought this was last minute?

There you have it!

7 last minute Valentine’s ideas that your sweetie will never know was last minute.

Let us know what you decided to do for Valentine’s Day! We always love hearing what everyone did!


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