26 Things to Do In NYC

We wanted to write a guide to NYC, but realized we couldn’t possibly after just a few days there. NYC is an amazing city. There’s constantly something to do, see, and eat. It’s a city of crazy energy, passion for food and entertainment, love for arts, and so much more. We could spend a lifetime in NYC and still probably not be able to write a thorough guide. Instead, we will share with you 26 things to do in NYC. We know we haven’t covered it all, but hopefully it’ll give you some fresh ideas for your next NYC trip!

1. See a show on Broadway {we saw Book of Mormon! It was awesome!}

2. Eat at a Michelin starred restaurant {Pricy, yes. But we’ve heard it’s worth every penny! Per Se is on our bucket list}

3. Fly over New York in an open door helicopter. As far as we are concerned, it’s the best view of The Statue of Liberty and the only one you need

Flying over NYC

4. Spend hours walking through Central Park

26 Things To Do in NYC

5. If it’s winter, go ice skating in Central Park

6. It’s cheesy, but go on a horse drawn carriage ride in Central Park. If that’s too cliché for you, have a romantic picnic in the park. Complete with wine in solo cups

Things to do in NYC

7. Visit Strawberry Fields in Central Park and the iconic Imagine circle

26 Things To Do in NYC

8. See an amazing view of New York from the Top of the Rock. Or skip the entrance fee and spend it on a ridiculously priced cocktail at Bar Sixty-Five {You’ll still get the same view}

9. Walk around and eat everything in sight that looks appealing! We ate SO SO much and we didn’t even accomplish a tiny bit of our list. Some delish finds we just stumbled upon: Kati Roll, Baked by Melissa, Drunken Monkey, The Smith, Bottle and Bine, and more!

Things to do in NYC

10. Have tea and macarons like you fancy at Laduree

11. Walk around Times Square and experience the craziness. Too crazy for you? Grab a drink at the Renaissance bar like we did. The drinks and the food are terrible, but the view is unbeatable

26 Things To Do in NYC

12. Channel your inner Eloise and run around the Plaza Hotel. Maybe even treat yourself to a super pricy cocktail. We liked the champagne ones

Things to do in NYC

13. Eat all the Italian food you can before your stomach bursts. Especially pasta. We had so much good pasta

August NYC

14. Wait in line at Dominique Ansel for a cronut or a cookie shot. Yes, it’s touristy. Yes, it’s overhyped. But it’s for good reason!

15. Stop at all the book stands on the side of the street and pursue the used books

16. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge. Start at the Brooklyn side and walk through to the NYC side. Be careful not to get run over by a bicycle like Lena did. Oh, and go early. It gets very crowded!

26 Things To Do in NYC

17.  Another over hyped dessert place, but you gotta go to Magnolia Bakery. The Banana pudding and the Chocolate pudding is really all it’s cracked up to be. And when I say that, I mean it’s crack

Things to do in nyc

18. If you have a favorite show or movie set in NYC, try to hit up all the spots they filmed at. For Lena that was You’ve Got Mail!

19. Visit the New York Public Library. If you’re a book lover, it’ll take your breath away

Things to do in nyc

20. In the summer, hit up every rooftop bar you can squeeze into your schedule

21. Visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Whether you are religious or not, we think the Cathedral will inspire you. The architecture is absolutely stunning and you can feel the energy of the spirituality in the space

Things to do in NYC

22. Go shopping {or more realistically, window shopping} on 5th Avenue

23. Visit The High Line

24. Hang out in Bryant Park. If it’s winter time, visit the Christmas Markets and grab a delicious Belgian Waffle

Things to do in NYC

25. Spend a day soaking up art and culture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

26. Visit Grand Central Station, even if you aren’t taking a train. The station is beautiful and the history behind it is very interesting. Also, did you know that more people pass through here DAILY than live in ALL of Alaska?!

26 Things To Do in NYC

17. Wander around SoHo for great food and shopping

18. Explore the Upper East Side and Upper West Side {you’ll feel like you’re in an NYC movie}

26 Things To Do in NYC

19. Visit the observation deck of the Empire State Building {better yet, have a romantic rendezvous there}

20. Pick up some unique trinkets at Chelsea Market

21. Take in the stunning Flatiron buildings

22. Eat bagels {they are famous for a reason}

23. Eat lots of pizza {don’t worry- you’ll walk it off!}

24. Challenge yourself not to take a taxi or the subway for a whole day and just walk. The whole city is very walkable and you’ll stumble upon so much!

25. Explore the bohemian Greenwich Village

26 Things To Do in NYC

26. Take a picture sitting on the steps of a brownstone- like you live there. {You know you want to!}

26 Things To Do in NYC

Where to stay to do all this and more?

We just love The Library Hotel Collection. They have a selection of boutique hotels in popular spots all over the city including: Times Square, Bryant Park, Central Park, and Madison Square Garden.

The Library Hotel Collection

When to go?

Oh that’s so hard. Every season is so lovely, but we are partial to fall in NYC.

26 Things To Do in NYC

We hope you enjoy NYC! It’s one of the greatest cities in the world!

Any suggestions of things to add to our list?

26 Top Things To Do In NYC


  1. This is such a great NYC to-do list! I think you’ve hit on all the main attractions and things that one shouldn’t miss when visiting New York! I’ve been to the city multiple times, but I STILL haven’t walked the Brooklyn Bridge to take that iconic shot! I guess that’s a good enough excuse for another trip, right?!

    • There is so much to do, you could go a million times and still not accomplish it all! We hope you get to walk the Brooklyn Bridge the next time you go!

    • It’s totally a foodie dream come true! We would gain so much weight living there. We had an amazing time and I hope you go again soon!

  2. This post had me reminiscing on my summer in NYC! Next time you go you’ll have to hit up Chinatown and I have a ton of pizza recommendations for you. 😉 You’re so right about the bagels!

    • Yes, you do! I totally thought of you when we booked our stay at The Library Hotel. It was amazing to match the amazing city it’s in.

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