10 Reasons We Love The Library Hotel Collection

Although we barely spend much time in our hotel room while traveling, we do find a good hotel experience to be essential to a good travel experience. Starting and ending the day at a place you LOVE just makes all the difference in taking your trip from great to fabulous. Some of our favorite trips have included very memorable hotels. We almost always choose to go the boutique hotel route. We usually have more personal, unique, and magical experiences when staying at a boutique hotel. That being said, we’ve found a boutique hotel chain we love, The Library Hotel Collection. They have several hotels in NYC and we were fortunate to try two of them during our last trip. Each of the hotels have a specific theme and are so charming and full of personality. We stayed at Library Hotel and Casablanca Hotel. Read on to learn 10 reasons we love the Library Hotel Collection.

1. Attention to detail

As we mentioned, each hotel has a theme and that theme is carried on throughout the entire hotel. While they do a fantastic job maintaining the theme in a classy way, what really blew us away were all the little details. We just love details and the attention to detail at these hotels was amazing. Here are just a few of the details we oohed and awed over:

  • Library quotes on the chocolates at turndown time {Library Hotel}
  • Wi-Fi password is a characters name from Casablanca {Casablanca Hotel}
  • All the rooms are organized by the Dewey Decimal System. Each room has a different topic and the books and artwork in the room reflect that topic {Library Hotel} – PS. We really really want to stay in the Romance room next time!
  • The lounge is named after the café in Casablanca {Casablanca Hotel}

2. Fantastic service

There’s nothing that’s a bigger turn off to us than bad service. We actually stayed at another hotel not associated with the Library Collection during our NYC visit and the bad service there was such a terrible experience. That probably made us appreciate the service at The Library Hotel Collection even more! Every single person we came into contact with was nothing but so friendly and helpful. They truly made us feel like they cared about our experience and wanted us to enjoy our stay.

In fact, when we first arrived at The Library Hotel we were planning on checking in really quick and running along to an excursion we were late for. Our taxi driver accidently dropped us off at the end of the block, but somehow, the bellman saw Bassam looking for the hotel and came running over to take our bags. We didn’t even have to follow him to the hotel, he gave us a ticket to hold our bags right there. Such a small thing, but we really appreciated him going above and beyond and helping us save time.

Another example of this amazing service was in the middle of the night during our Library Hotel stay. We forgot to bring our tripod along on the trip and wanted to take some pictures on the rooftop. One of the front desk clerks offered to come up with us and be our personal photographer. Amazing, right?

3. Lounge areas

The Library Hotel Collection

The Library Hotel Collection

All of the Library Hotel Collection hotels have fantastic lounge areas! They each have a “main room” where you can relax at any time of day or night. At the Library Hotel the room is called The Reading Room and at Casablanca it’s called Rick’s Café. They each also have additional lounge areas. Library Hotel has a rooftop bar and covered patio seating. Casablanca Hotel has a Moroccan oasis patio. Each of the lounge areas are so nicely decorated and have really nice ambiance. Even though we had a huge list of things we wanted to see during our NYC trip, we took the time to enjoy these lounge areas at the beginning and end of each day. Even though our trip was pretty hectic, having these chill moments helped keep our overall experience relaxing.

4. Comfortable and clean rooms

This is important. Probably the most important item on our list. It doesn’t matter how great the rest of the hotel is if your room isn’t clean and comfortable. We were very satisfied by our room. The beds are so soft and comfortable, we had such a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. They also offer a range of pillows so you can find one that suits you. If you’ve read some of our previous hotel review posts, you know that Lena has a major bathroom phobia. The bathrooms were very clean and spacious. Plus, they have really comfy robes and slippers in the room which is always a plus.

Keep in mind, the rooms are a bit on the smaller side, at least in NYC. If you like room to spread out, request the largest room they have.

5. Convenient locations

The Library Hotel Collection

Each of their NYC hotels are in a different part of town, but each is walking distance to tons of great attractions. At the bottom of this post we’ve listed all the hotels and their locations. We stayed at Library Hotel which was next to Bryant Park, Grand Central Station, and The NYC Public Library {of course!}. We were also close enough to walk almost everywhere we wanted to go. Casablanca Hotel was in Times Square. This was perfect for us to be able to walk to the show we were seeing on Broadway, but otherwise, being in such a touristy part of town was not really for us. We heard from other guests that they wouldn’t stay anywhere but Times Square, so it really depends on what you are looking for.

6. Wine and cheese reception

The Library Hotel Collection

Okay, this is pretty awesome. You will not want to miss this if you stay at a Library Hotel Collection hotel. Each evening they offer a wine and cheese reception. We know a lot of hotels do this, but this is the best one we’ve seen. They offer a selection of wines (red, white, and champagne) along with a variety of cheese, fruit, crackers, etc. It’s really quite a spread and we took full advantage of this. They even walk around and offer you refills on your wine so you don’t have to get up. Pretty. Freaking. Awesome. {By the way, we even took some wine to go on our way to the airport. Shhh, don’t tell anyone!}

7. All day coffee and snacks

The Library Hotel Collection

Remember those awesome lounge areas we said we loved? In the main lounge area, they offer snacks and coffee, tea, regular water, and infused water all. day. long. The coffee isn’t terrible, boring hotel coffee either. They have a fancy espresso machine so you can make really delicious Americanos, lattes, and cappuccinos whenever you please. We are a bit embarrassed to tell you how many we had. Now we are wishing we had that machine at home. Also, when we say all day, we really mean it. We’d go have a midnight snack (like 3am) when we’d get back at the end of our night out and all the snacks would still be fully replenished. They have someone manning the station 24/7! We’d set down our dirty plate, turn around for a second, and the plate would be gone. In addition to taking that coffee machine home, we’d also like to take home those Library Hotel Collection fairies. Or just live at one of The Library Hotel Collection hotels. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

8. Complimentary breakfast

We always love when hotels offer complimentary breakfast. Even though we prefer to eat out, it’s a great way to get a quick start to your day. We were pretty lazy the mornings of our NYC trip. We got some food and ate it in bed. The staff at the hotels were kind enough to provide us with trays for our breakfast in bed. The breakfast options are fruit, hard boiled eggs, bagels, a variety of fresh pastries, cereal and morning beverages like juice, coffee and tea.

9. You save money

You’ve been paying attention to all the complimentary items we’ve been listing, right? Have you thought about how much money this saves you? Unlike other hotels that nickel-and-dime you for everything, The Library Hotel Collection actually gives away so much free stuff that you can almost make back your room costs. Well, if you eat as much as we do. {Shh, don’t tell them, they may not let us back!} Seriously, though. Think about it. Each fancy coffee typically costs about $5. Breakfast around $10 a person. Wine $10 a glass. That all adds up! We really appreciated being able to save on all those little things.

Also, they have a fantastic list of items they provide. Like a dental kit with fancy toothbrushes {Casablanca} and ear plugs that play music! They also leave you complimentary bottles of water in your room. Just in case the water provided in the lounge areas aren’t enough.

10. You feel like you’re at home

The Library Hotel Collection

This is probably the greatest compliment we can give a hotel. We just felt so at home. There’s such a relaxed, easy vibe at this hotel. Combined with the lounge areas, the friendly staff, and the friendly visitors, we just felt like we can traipse around the hotel like it’s our own home. We aren’t the only ones that felt this way. During the wine and cheese receptions we got to know several other couples and asked about their experience. Many of them said that they stay at a Library Hotel Collection hotel every time they come to NYC because it “feels like home”. We totally get it. And we will most definitely be back.

Want to stay at a Library Hotel Collection hotel?

The Library Hotel Collection

We very much recommend it! Here’s a list of the hotels they currently offer. Our absolute favorite hotel in the collection is Library Hotel. We just love the  book theme and the rooftop bar. We recommend selecting which hotel to stay at by picking the theme that speaks to you and the location you want to be in.

Library Hotel – Bryant Park/Grand Central, NYC

Casablanca Hotel – Times Square, NYC

Hotel Giraffe – Madison Square Garden, NYC

Hotel Elysee – Central Park, NYC

Aria – Budapest

Aria – Prague

Hotel X – Toronto {coming soon}

Happily Ever Adventures would like to thank Library Hotel Collection for inviting us to stay as their guest. As always, all opinions are our own.

Have you ever stayed at a Library Hotel Collection hotel?

Which one would you choose?

The Library Hotel Collection


    • Let us know if you do stay there! We’d love to know what you think! And yes, free wine and chocolate is definitely the way to our hearts.

  1. These look so good! I agree, we always look for places with those little add-ons so we can save money on breakfasts, cocktail etc. Loving the look of these, will need to check it out

    • It’s definitely helpful as all those things add up! I know you’re a book lover like me, you’ll probably love Library Hotel!

  2. This is a great hotel. Would be nice when it’s just my husband and I. We usually travel as a family that’s why I say that. You had me at Chocolate and Wine.

    • The rooms are not quite big enough for a family vacation, but it’s definitely fantastic for a romantic getaway weekend! The wine and chocolate definitely helps! It’s the little things…

    • It was! We will try another one of their hotels next time but I doubt we will stray from the Library Hotel Collection.

  3. I can’t believe I’ve never even heard of these hotels! It looks both luxurious and cozy, and the perfect place for you two. Keep up the great work!

    -Alex, Mindfulmermaid.com

    • Totally agree! And who doesn’t want to feel pampered while on vacation? The Library Hotel Collection is a great way to get that feeling, even if your travel budget is not the largest!

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